Digitalization of sales and automation of routines

Sales Tech is the digital transformation of your sales.

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What is Sales Tech

This is the digitalization of your sales. We will build a software and communications architecture, adapt existing business processes, and customize analytics and reporting.

CRM Setup and Business Customization

We work with the best software in the world and know how to personalize them for your business.

Automated lead generation

Set up automation of lead generation, norching and recycling of leads or transactions.

Customised integrations for sales

We implement accounting systems, AI and management systems.

What do you get from Sales Tech?

We implement turnkey integration with our own technical task or task from the client. We assign all technical tasks and the role of administrator to the client after the settings.

  • CRM
  • Architecture
  • Analytics
  • AI
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Sales Tech Partners and Services

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Stages of work on the project

01. Brief

We meet and record the wishes of the client and CRM users regarding future changes. We study the current CRM parameters.

02. Architecture

We design the recommended software architecture and create technical specifications.

03. Ofer

We calculate the best combination of tariff plans of the implemented services.

04. Presentation

We coordinate the final project before implementation.

Find out if your business needs Sales Tech

Book a consultation and find out how the solution can help optimize your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. What is Sales Conveyor?

This is a project to “refresh” your sales. We will develop customized standards, integrate automation, configure analytics, and train the team to work with it.

2. What is the Constitution?

This is the only system of company rules with a customized sales conveyor. We adapt the rules of working with software and form effective algorithms with communication examples.

3. How long does it take to set up sales conveyor?

The daily duration of the project is 4 months.

4. Did not find an answer to your question

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