For more than 9 years we have been finding talents in the sales market.

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What is Sales Recruiting

Business is formed by people. We know how to look for professionals in sales: we find specialists in teams or create a sales department “from scratch”.


Who are we looking for?

Most often we are looking for specialists for the following positions:

1. Sales Manager

Responsible for efficient sales process and maintain a high level of customer service.

2. Sales Director

Responsible for the marketing strategy of the company's products and services, manages sales teams and develops business relationships.

3. Commercial Director

Responsible for the company's commercial strategy, pricing management and contractual relations with customers.

4. Service Manager

Responsible for a high level of customer service and effective solution to their needs.

5. Business Development Manager

Responsible for attracting new customers and developing the company's business through the search for new opportunities and markets.

6. Business Analyst

It analyzes customer profile and market data in order to develop strategies and recommendations to improve business efficiency.

7. Account Manager

Responsible for managing relationships with the company's key customers and meeting their needs.

8. Marketer

Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns to attract and retain customers.

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Stages of recruitment

1. Briefing

We form a portrait of the candidate in accordance with the requirements and obligations.

2. Vacancy

We compile a job description, provide recommendations and develop case assignments

3. Searching

We carry out active selection and selection of candidates. We conduct interviews and assessment of skills.

4. Approvals

We collect recommendations and agree job-offer.

In search of talent? We will help

Order a consultation and our experts will find your superhero

Candidate Search Sources

Popular job site for job search in Ukraine.

One of the largest resources for job search and job posting.

Online IT job search platform, where vacancies from leading companies are collected.

White Sales

We use our network for recruitment and selection of specialists in the field of sales.


Social network for professional communication and job search.


A popular social network where you can find groups and communities with job ads.


A job search platform that collects and aggregates vacancies from various sources on the Internet.


Messenger where you can find channels and chats with vacancies and job information.

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Age to sell — age to learn

We believe that sales should bring satisfaction to sellers and customers. Therefore, we created our own school of “white” sales The Sales, where we train the superheroes of the industry. All candidates get access to the course.

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In search of talent? We will help

Order a consultation and our experts will find your superhero

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. What is the deadline for closing a vacancy?

From several weeks to 2 months. We provide a guarantee: free replacement of the candidate within 2 months from the date of leaving work.

2. How is the search for a candidate?

Before starting, we form a detailed brief and a portrait of the candidate.
We use specialized job portals, White Sales candidate databases, sales community and other resources as search channels.

3. What is the candidate verification algorithm?

The stages of candidate selection include: screening the resume for competencies, checking key qualities during the interview, checking the case assignment, and checking recommendations before agreeing.

4. What are your advantages?

We are experts in sales and are looking for candidates only in this field.
All approved candidates will have access to our author's online course THE SALES.