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Author programs and events on how to sell and manage sales.

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What is White Sales School?

We have created our own school where we teach the philosophy of “white” sales: no kickbacks, tough negotiations and cold calls. “White sales” is selling your product to those who need it and when it is needed.

валентин яроменко

Sellers are not born

— Valentin Yaromenko
Founder & CEO, White Sales

Author's courses

We have developed programs for salespeople, executives, and sales analysts.

The Sales

A program created for sellers. In it, we have laid down the methodology of “White sales”, which we implement for our clients in consulting. We teach warm customer search with “0", how to establish communication with them, present without objections and win deals.

  • Modules with video lectures
  • Practical tasks
  • Additional materials
курс з продажів the sales

Sales Management

Coming soon. Program for heads of sales departments, commercial directors and executives.We are at the final stage of the announcement of the program.

  • Lectures
  • Practical tasks
  • Additional materials
  • Mentoring
курс sales management

Sales Analytics

Somming soon. Program for sales analysts, mentors and executives. We are in the final stages of announcing the program.

  • Lectures
  • Practical tasks
  • Additional materials
  • Mentoring
курс sales analytics

White Box

White Box is a checklist that will help you customize your sales department. For each item, we have prepared videos and examples of templates of ready-made documents that need to be adapted to your process.

Currently, we are in the process of updating the program and translating the video materials into Ukrainian. Templates, algorithms and specifications have already been adapted. Thank you for understanding! Somming soon!

  • Video instructions
  • Phased algorithm
  • Templates
  • Technical Tasks
курс white box

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Why White Sales School?

Learn more about the main benefits and go to the “white side”


Sales should bring satisfaction to sellers and customers


Systematized knowledge proven by practice in our clients' businesses


Personal consultations on the adaptation of course materials to the student's product


Templates, scripts and standards for all typical sales tasks

Community of the best sallies

Communities of graduates of school courses with exchange of experience and networking

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We create Ukrainian-language content about “white sales” and “ocean blue management”

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Feedback from our students

Alla Mykhailenko
@alla .mykhailenko

Great guys! I really liked it all! She studied remotely for the first time. I really liked the submitted educational material, it is quite comprehensive, interesting with examples and analysis on personal experience. Strongly recommend!

Vera Simonovych
@vira .simonovych

I want to say thank you for the “Arctic” sales program. For the opportunity to look differently at the sales process, at yourself in sales and to direct in a more effective direction. Thank you especially for organizing practices and interesting lecture material!


Sincere feedback on attending the course “White Sales® PESEC” from White Sales! What did I like about the course? I will describe in three points that rarely occur together at the same event: 1. Without water! 2. A clear resume of a moderator who understands what he is saying! 3. All coaches are top practitioners, not theorists! Thanks to the organizers! Thanks to the speakers! Thank you all! Keep lifting the bar, let the others pull up!)

Alina Demchenko
@alina .demchenko

I worked as a recruiter at White Sales for 3 years — very grateful for this experience and professional development, trust and relationships in the team — separate love. It is an opportunity to get to know different areas and companies from the inside and help them hire the necessary people in the team

Mykola Solovyov
@mykola .solovyov

I took the course “Arctic”. I liked that the course covers all stages of sales from lead generation to conclusion of the contract. I also liked the idea of “white sales”, sales without “pairing”, manipulation and deception. Interesting speakers, the opportunity to work during training precisely on the sales of their product. Highly recommend!

Yuliia Dragunkina
@julia .dragunkina

I took part in the workshop “Evolution of Sales” and I can confidently say — the time was spent with benefit! A truly innovative and at the same time affordable approach to resource management in sales. The event was built in an interesting and dynamic way, the speaker is competent and attentive to the participants. There were no standard run-on phrases and slogans. This is especially pleasing. Thank you!

Marina Andrushko
@maryna .andrushko

Thanks to Valentin Yaremenko and his team I will introduce the philosophy of sales: in white, without setbacks, without hierarchy and piety, without the human factor, but on a transparent system, using IT technologies, human approaches (selling not for yourself, but for helping others). This is just a European approach to life and to your business. And business is our little life. And let it be European))

@jennifer .landry

Great company. Passed sales courses “Pisets”. Valentine personally analyzes each case, gives recommendations, delves into the essence. This is an invaluable experience. Thanks big guy. Success in your business.

Elena Kuchurbayeva
@olena .kuchurbaieva

Interesting project, I would say mega cool!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. What is the training format?

For the most part, we create online courses so that you have the opportunity to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Events are also held in video format with recording, so that you can view at a convenient time.

2. Can you develop a personalized course?

Yes, of course. We have experience in creating individual corporate programs for companies. Click on the “consultation” button and we will suggest a training plan.

3. What are the learning conditions?

We have developed several tariff plan formats for each course. According to your chosen tariff, you will receive lifetime access to the course, customized thesis, mentoring, and a certificate.
If you change your mind - we will be able to refund you the payment amount within 14 days from the date of payment.

4. What are your advantages?

Since we are a consulting company that configures and changes the business processes of existing companies, so during your studies you will learn about relevant insights and cases.