Optimize your business sales processes

Sales Conveyor is an upgrade of the sales business process from White Sales.

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What is Sales Conveyor

We build the sales pipeline in the context of: processes, people, machines. We design standards, integrate automation, configure analytics and train the team. Track results in real time.

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What problems does Sales Conveyor solve

New challenges and changes for business are always about people, processes and machines. Therefore, we have put together solutions that will help you solve problems in any field.

Increase the motivation and effectiveness of teams

Increase your team's efficiency and drive them to achieve high results with Sales Conveyor.

1. Low employee motivation

We establish a system of motivation from the income received

2. Collective responsibility

We clearly separate roles and responsibilities

3. User Sabotage

Appoint a mentor who works closely with the team and sales skills

підвищення мотивації та ефективності команд

Standardization and optimization of business processes

Implement a standardization system and get valuable data for making informed decisions with Sales Conveyor.

1. There are no clear standards and rules

We design sales business processes and relationships with other departments. We create a standard — Sales Book.

2. Lack of analytics

We build automated reports that reflect team performance, lead generation channel efficiency, and conversion rates.

стандартизація та оптимізація бізнес-процесів

Increase sales efficiency

Provide transparency and gain valuable data to improve the efficiency of your sales with Sales Conveyor.

1. Lack of transparency in sales

We implement the CRM system, which is the primary source of data on the results.

2. No database for analytics

We integrate all communication channels with CRM and collect information about each client: from appeal to sale/refusal.

підвищення ефективності продажів

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We create a unified system of rules for the company. We design a customized sales pipeline, adapt the rules of working with software and form effective algorithms and examples of communication with customers.

  • Protocols
  • Conveyor
  • Sales Algorithm
конвеєр продажів
налаштуванн комунікацій з crm

Communications 360

We integrate all communication channels with CRM. This allows you to collect data about each customer from the first appeal to the sale or refusal.

  • Transparency
  • Analytical base
  • CRM-system

Tracking and analytics

Further consideration of quantitative and conversion metrics provides insight into the performance of each employee, product or advertising source.

  • Effectiveness of sources
  • Sales Results
  • Achieving goals
трекінг та аналітика продажів
менеджмент команд з продажів

Social Contract

We establish clear roles in the team and their responsibilities, removing any collective responsibility.

  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Mentoring
  • Motivation and control

Find out if your business needs Sales Conveyor

Book a consultation and find out how the solution can help optimize your business

Stages of work on the project

01. System

We conduct an audit of the company's existing business processes. We design a model of business processes in the “conveyor” format.

02. Machines

We make a description of the modules of the CRM system. We configure and implement CRM and integrations.

03. People

We create a “Constitution”, which consists of commandments, a pipeline and communication algorithms.

04. Management

We provide technical support. Mentoring starts: monitoring the work of the team in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. What is Sales Conveyor?

This is a project to “refresh” your sales. We will develop customized standards, integrate automation, configure analytics, and train the team to work with it.

2. What is the Constitution?

This is the only system of company rules with a customized sales conveyor. We adapt the rules of working with software and form effective algorithms with communication examples.

3. How long does it take to set up Sales Conveyor?

The daily duration of the project is 4 months.

4. Did not find an answer to your question

Order a consultation and our experts will help with more information on any issues.