Sales Representative at Bali Invest Agency

Seeking Sales Representative for Bali Invest Agency. Schedule meetings with potential investors, identify needs, present solutions, and facilitate contract sign

Sales Representative at Bali Invest Agency

Hello! We are looking for a Sales Representative to join Bali Invest Agency. The key task is to promptly schedule meetings with new potential investors who have expressed interest in our services; conduct online and offline meetings to identify needs and present the best investment solution for the client; and negotiate and organize the signing of a contract.

Who are we?

  • Bali Invest Agency is an investment company, an expert in investing in the best real estate projects in Bali. Leads from all over the world can receive a personalized offer for living or passive income remotely or directly in Bali: clear, safe, and manageable. 
  • Market. The focus at first is on the regions: North America, Europe, Australia, and Indonesia. 

Clients: entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors, wealthy retirees.

What do you have to do?

  • Processing of incoming requests

Quick processing of new requests:  leads verification, providing the information about services, scheduling the meetings. 

  • Conducting online and offline negotiations:

Organizing and conducting consultations with potential clients: identifying needs, creating an offer to meet them, and presenting it. Organizing (conducting) project showings in Bali. 

  • Organizing the deal closing: 

Agreeing on the terms of the deal with the client and colleagues, making a reservation, or organizing the signing of the contract. 

  • CRM: 

Using CRM as the main tool for planning actions, recording their results, and generating offers. Initiating changes to the tool that will improve the quality of customer service. 

  • Support and networking: 

Communication with investors to implement projects. Communication during the holidays - personal and general.

Working hours:

  1. Option 1: 09:00 - 18:00 Kyiv time.
  2. Option 2: 18:00 - 02:00 Kyiv time.
  3. Saturday and Sunday are days off. 

Sales Representatives from Ukraine can choose a convenient work schedule that allows them to interact with customers from North America and Europe. The roaster is agreed upon with the employee individually, with the possibility to choose a permanent job in the same time zone or a shift shift.

Why you?

  • Experience. You have a successful track record of selling to English-speaking customers from the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
  • Hard skills. 
  1. Sales: 

Negotiation and closing skills in selling products or services with a sales cycle of 1 week - 1 month+.

  1. Real estate and investments: 

Understanding the reasons, and internal and external factors that influence the decision to invest in real estate.

  1. Software

Experience in using automation tools to organize workflow: CRM, calendar, bots, cloud office, AI, etc.

  1. Startups or Blue Ocean model: 

Experience in the first stages of business development, proactive interaction with colleagues and clients aimed at improving the quality of processes in their area of responsibility. 

  • Soft skills. Empathy, ethics of business communication, responsibility, organization, sociability, curiosity.
  • Language.  English - C1

Why us?

  • Support and training. The team has a mentor who analyzes all sales business processes and initiates its continuous development, including emphasizing important transactions and actions. 
  • Salary. Timely payment of salary and a fixed rate during training and adaptation. Percentage of sales after adaptation.
  • Development. Opportunity to get accredited in other team roles and develop in them.
  • Experience. The company operates in North America, Europe, Australia, and Indonesia. The company also offers a paid business trip to Bali or permanent relocation to understand the product.
  • Reputation. The project was created by a group of companies with a perfect reputation in the European market.

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